Greece is a fabulous country of the gods, beautiful maidens, the great philosophers and the birthplace of world-famous island of Lesbos.
Here was born the legendary poet of Ancient Greece Sappho, whom the Greeks called the tenth Muse.

She appreciated the beauty of young maidens and is considered the founder of homosexual love from the beautiful Amazons.

We invite You on 24 November at the island of Lesbos love to party "Greek Party" or "Mysteries of love".
All night on the stage of a strip club "L'amour"- the beautiful prostitutes of ancient Greece, will indulge in sensual orgies, and to have our dear "Apollo."

We are going to treat You divine "ambrosia" and dance under rousing Sirtaki, drink red wine and to admire a feminine Galatea.

You will find:

-Festive "Lesbos" show

Tasting sparkling wines of the island of Rhodes

-Sirtaki Greek athletes

24 Nov "Greek Party" in stipclub "L'amour"

We will open all of the "Mysteries of love"!


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Moscow, Strip club L'amour
М.China-Town, Lubjanski trg 15, str 2
Operating mode: 21:00 - 06-00 (daily)
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