Ladies and gentlemen!

Halloween is the most mysterious night of the year, full of horror and fun at the same time.
The night when the boundaries between the real and the supernatural worlds are blurred and all the impure force is around us.

On this night, the feeling of absolute fear will come to us at midnight and will end only with the morning roosters.

The old count has seen much in his bloody age. He drinks blood, loves virgins, loves orgies with dazzling witches. October 26, as soon as the sun sets over the horizon, Graf Traxula waiting for everyone on the Sexy –Coven in the strip club "L'amour". Exactly at midnight he will present to ghouls the young, sexual and insatiable bride "Bloody Mary".
Ghouls, witches, ghouls and werewolves congratulate the young and merge into a voluptuous devil's dance, and then, indulge in witchcraft and divination.

Waiting for you!

Fancy dress carnival!

Sexy-Coven of witches!

Bloody Mary's reception!

Scary tale " the Corpse of a prodigal bride»
Exclusive dance show 

"The witches of Eastwick"!

We wait for All on October 26! 

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Moscow, Strip club L'amour
М.China-Town, Lubjanski trg 15, str 2
Operating mode: 21:00 - 06-00 (daily)
+7 (915)010-66-99 / +7 (495)625-07-46
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