Welcome to the Harem! East, fabulous, mysterious and unique. The fascinating world of beauty, a passionate belly dance and the smell of fragrant Turkish hookahs.

May 25 men's club " L'amour" invites you to the Eastern party "Harem Party". That night, the harem strip club "l'amour" would wait for the Sultan, who will get the most passionate and desirable concubine.

Expect you:

- Parade of the best concubines

- Passionate belly dancing from the inimitable minion-Leila

Show the program of the club "L'amour" of "Oriental passion»

-Tasting Turkish drink "RAKI»


We invite all 25 on may
to a strip club "L'amour»,
Eastern party.
"Harem Party".


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Moscow, Strip club L'amour
М.China-Town, Lubjanski trg 15, str 2
Operating mode: 21:00 - 06-00 (daily)
+7 (915)010-66-99 / +7 (495)625-07-46
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