We invite You on September 21 at a strip club "L'amour" party "SCHOOL PARTY".

Let's get together, remember our happy school years!

Aprons, ties, skirts, buns, Chicks! Go back to his youth, pull the girls pigtails and look under their skirts.

Believe me, this night you are the Director of the school "L'amour", which learn mischievous blonde with a bust of the 4th size.

Look at the pranks of our second-year girls and punish naughty pranksters on the holiday line.

- Learn to practice the basics of French kiss, among the high school honors.

-Hold an elective drinking and pull up those lagging behind on sexology.

- Make a stool of your dreams with Trudovik Petrovich.

Prior to the meeting on September 21,




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Moscow, Strip club L'amour
М.China-Town, Lubjanski trg 15, str 2
Operating mode: 21:00 - 06-00 (daily)
+7 (915)010-66-99 / +7 (495)625-07-46
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