Gentlemen, vacationers!

On July 26, the men's club "L'amour" will host the contest of beauty, talent and sexuality "Miss Summer 2024".

Scorching looks, alluring smiles, passion, competition and of course the title of Queen of the summer, which will get the most sexy actress of the club "L'amour".

This holiday is for those who have not yet washed away the summer tan, who understand a lot about women's beauty and sexuality. For those who catch their breath at the sight of slender, tanned girls in revealing bikinis.


Expect you:
- fashion show of contestants in cocktail dresses
- stunning show girls in skimpy bikini
- super show program from the club " L'amour"
- coronation of the winner of the beauty contest "Miss Summer 2022»


Find your "Miss Summer»

among the Actresses of the club on 26 July.

Take your deck chair
on the beach club "L'amour"!





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