Spring has come! Fluffy creatures break free to meet new adventures and crazy actions!

It's time for romantic dates and secret meetings on the roof of the club "L'amour".

March 24 we will reveal all the secrets of cat's sexuality at the party "Cat's Party".

-  Show program from " Lady Mur-Mur»

- "Orgy of spring" from cats club

- Practical jokes and gifts


We are waiting for you on March 24

at the men's club " L'amour»

at the feast of lustful cats!


Enjoy their sensual
purring at Cat's Party.

Come, let's dribble together!



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Moscow, Strip club L'amour
М.China-Town, Lubjanski trg 15, str 2
Operating mode: 20:00 - 6:00 (daily)
+7 (985)380-64-93 / +7 (495)625-07-46
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