Dear friends!

We all know that in no case should we forget about such a fun and centuries-old tradition as a "Bachelor Party". Having gathered with friends, we discuss the venue of the event, which will be remembered by us and our friends for life.

In the strip club Lyamur, a special program has been developed for holding bachelor parties with the participation of charming brides who will give you and your friends a truly unforgettable evening at the party for adults "Sabantuy"!

We will help you celebrate the holiday within the budget program with minimal costs, on the most favorable terms:

We will not offer you far-fetched discounts and impose unnecessary services!

We will fulfill your wish, just do You have a real gift for 15,000!


Are you ready to plunge into a crazy night of vice and debauchery?
Do you want to hang out like an adult and find yourself in the arms of lustful girls?
Are you waiting for the fulfillment of all your depraved fantasies?
Then you go to the L'AMOUR strip club!



From 6 people (deposit 5000r. per person)admission is free!
You get as a gift:

- Alley parade of all topless dancers with the participation of the groom or the birthday boy,
- cost - 5000r.(only after midnight)
- for each private dance cost - 9000r. (based on 6 people)
- order 1 melody for the whole company - 1000r.

And so, your benefit:
Spending only 30000r. (at the rate of 6 people)
You get a gift of goods and services in the amount of – 15000r.



The deposit table includes orders for the bar and kitchen.
Kindly inform us about the event in advance in order to reserve a table for you and make a reservation.
To do this, you need to drive up to us, and together with you we will make a banquet menu and an event plan.
We are waiting for you!!!




You are 18 years old?

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